Stempher-Oerlemans Rijssen

Stempher in Rijssen intended to purchase a new flexo printing press, but also to turn it into a complete printing company. Cervitech has been hired for this to supervise the entire project from the purchase of the flexo printing press  up to and including the delivery of the complete printing plant.

Stempher itself did not have the knowledge and capacity to lead this project from start to finish and therefore to deliver it successfully. After a good discussion with the management, the project started. The project team was formed by employees of Stempher and employees of Cervitech and its subcontractors. The project management is handled by Andries Kramer of Cervitech and reported to the management.

After setting up the right project and communication structure, the project started. The project consisted of the following parts:

  1. Preliminary phase:
    • Determining and drawing up specifications for the new printing press. This is done through an analysis of the orders that Stempher had and expected in the future. The next step in technology was also important, thanks to robotisation, etc.
    • Determining and drawing up specifications of all necessary peripheral equipment, such as a sleeve warehouse with lifting aids, plate adhesive equipment, adjusting afterburner, realization of automatic pump systems for solvents.
    • Possible selection of suppliers who can meet the specifications of points 1 and 2.
    • Visiting and testing the equipment at the various suppliers in order to make a good choice.
    • Purchase of the equipment.
  2. Preparation:
    • After purchasing all machines / equipment, a layout was made in an existing hall, after projecting the new situation, a plan was made together with a contractor to make the hall suitable for printing.
    • At this stage, final planning was also made in which the delivery time of the flexo printing press was the common thread, all batches were planned in such a way that the flexo printing press was placed in a hall that was ready for receipt.
    • During the delivery time of the various parties, active monitoring took place to monitor the delivery time and thus the progress of the project.
    • Test acceptance at the supplier before release for transportation. (FAT)
  3.  Realization:
    • Adjusting building inc utilities.
    • Placement of new printing press inc installation and connection to building / utilities.
    • Install peripheral equipment
    • Realization solvent station.
    • Connecting with Afterburner.
  4. Testing / delivery.
    • After installation, the machines were put into operation by the suppliers.
    • Composing and conducting the acceptance tests (SAT).

The entire project was delivered according to the schedule.

Stempher was satisfied with the work of Cervitech, meeting specifications, time, and budget.