Enviroxi 2.0, Relox Group and Cervitech sign a contract for long-term cooperation with worldwide coverage!

Ramon Xifra, Siegfried Woitkowitz and Andries Kramer recently signed a contract on behalf of Enviroxi 2.0 from Girona, Relox Group from Bremerhaven and Cervitech from Heerenveen, in which the three companies strengthen each other in the field of sales and project management processes.

Enviroxi 2.0 is a sister company of Comexi. Comexi is a company with extensive experience in manufacturing capital goods for the flexible packaging industry. Comexi founded in 1954 by the Xifra family, the company consists of five product lines, each specialized in a different conversion process: flexo printing, offset printing, laminating, cutting and logistics supplements.

Each line offers a solution to the client's requirements in a constantly evolving market, with competitive and personalized equipment, including the latest solutions in innovation, technology and sustainability. These three features have made Comexi one of the leaders in machine solutions for the flexible packaging industry in the world.

Enviroxi 2.0

Enviroxi 2.0 is the company within the Xifra family that focuses on developing and producing systems for primary printing presses. Enviroxi 2.0 has been producing solvent recovery systems, cleaning systems, solvent logistics, ink logistics, gas and electricity saving systems for various printing press systems since 1992, as well as offering customers solutions that improve productivity and cost price.

Relox Group

The Relox Group of owner Siegfried Woitkovic from Bremerhaven is a builder of industrial air technology. These systems ensure, among other things, the safe processing of air flows containing solvents. This processing technology combined with years of experience in the graphics industry and the latest turnkey systems from Relox and Cervitech ensure an optimal printing process and enormous environmental benefits and cost savings throughout the entire printing chain.


Cervitech is a project engineering firm founded in 2015 by Andries Kramer.

Andries has built up an enormous track record in the flexible packaging industry over the past 13 years, often in the role of International Project Manager.

In 2016, Erwin Jonkman started as Operational Manager and both men have significantly expanded their services. Cervitech currently consists of four professional disciplines: Technical Management, Heat Recovery & Emission Reduction, Machine Safety and Infrastructure Technology.

The collaboration

In the new collaboration, Enviroxi 2.0, Relox and Cervitech take each other's products and services to various clients. This creates a wonderful service that offers the ultimate total package of services and products for customers worldwide. Where customers can be completely relieved from A to Z.


As a group, our product portfolio consists of the following product lines/solutions.

• Inventory of problem definition.
• Measurements and reporting in the production location.
• Elaboration of solution if possible in combination with
  products from ENVIROXI and/or Relox.
• Project management over the entire project.

• Solvent recovery by means of distilling units.
• Logistical solution for solvents.
• Washing machines for the printing industry.
• Logistical solution for ink use.

From Relox
• Solution to clean industrial air.
• Thermal Oxidation
• Regenerative Oxidation.
• Heat exchangers.
• Primary side, converting the surplus heat to
   another medium.
• Secondary side, converting the heat from, for example, water
   or oil to air for the process.