CERVITECH/RELOX RTO at Berry Global Hardenberg

At Berry there is an old afterburner on the roof that no longer meets the current requirements in terms of emissions and energy. In the preliminary phase, CERVITECH BV conducted a study in production and combined this with plans for the future.

This research was the starting point of the final project. This project not only consists of supplying the new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), also called an afterburner, but also of optimizing the production equipment, designing the assembly of production machines, piping, valves and the RTO and putting the entire assembly into production.

Phase 1
A blueprint of the factory is created through various flow and concentration measurements on various product machines, which are linked to the old RTO. Based on these measurements, an accurate picture of the current situation is recorded.

The foundation on the roof is ready.

Phase 2
This phase involves developing a plan to improve the process values as measured in Phase 1. In addition to making this plan, it will also be implemented. By executing, a new blueprint is created with new values for both flow and concentration.

Phase 3
Determine what the capacity of the new RTO will be with the input of parameters and the values that were previously determined. In this phase, the complete project plan has been developed in terms of project matters and schedules.

Phase 4
In this phase, the realization of the project plan begins until the actual installation of the new RTO. For example, a new foundation will be placed on the roof so that the new RTO can be placed on it and the old valve motors will be replaced by fail-safe motors. Cervitech also supplied this.

Phase 5
Installing and fully connecting the RTO to the foundation on the roof.

Phase 6
The RTO was started entirely by CERVITECH BV. In December 2023 there were no connections to production and production could therefore continue. On January 8 and 9, the new pipework from the by-pass valves to the new RTO was installed. The entire communication from production to the new RTO was carried out by CERVITECH BV. Production could be started again on January 9 and the entire transition went according to plan.

The RTO control screen.

The delivery also includes measuring the sizes of remaining VOCs in the air after cleaning the RTO. The legislation prescribes a maximum value of 100mg/Nm3. The new RTO even remained below < 10mg/Nm3.

Phase 7
The final phase concerns the delivery and acceptance of the project. On Friday, January 12, BERRY BPI Indupac BV and CERVITECH BV shook hands on a successful project. In the following weeks there was still time for the remaining points and on Friday January 26 the final signature was signed and the project was successfully completed.

This project was made in collaboration with RELOX and HOLTROP & JANSMA. The start date was March 1, 2023 and the project was completed on January 26, 2024.
Dankzij de nieuwe RTO is de milieuwinst dat er schone lucht word gecreëerd in de omgeving. Er is met BERRY BPI Indupac BV ook een onderhoudscontract afgesloten.