Getting new filter cloth production line ready

We were asked by Filtrair bv in Heerenveen whether we urgently had a temporary project engineer available, due to illness of the current engineer. this to be able to put a stationary new filter cloth production line into operation. The engineer would also have to support the technical service to get the current machine park up to date again.

After an inventory of the new line, it turned out that several technical items were still missing to get things productive. A grip:

The old thermal gas-fired heater turned out to have a much too large capacity and could not be properly adjusted to the desired value.

Old heater

After research, 2 small electric thermal heaters are now placed close to the line, more economical and it is now possible to work with 2 different temperatures, so more efficient and flexible. You can also apply for a subsidy.

The old oversized large gas-fired heater (with asbestos) can now be removed and the available space can be used in production. This requires a lot of preparation and planning, which is coordinated by the engineer.

Since the technical service is busy with the daily malfunctions and maintenance, it will actually be supported with various installation connection activities.

Projects that still need to be taken up are:

  • Replacing a chiller due to leakage of the old one
  • Replacing 1 chiller for 3 little ones (production security)
  • Control or machine replacement of a filter cloth welding system
  • Expand main distribution box
  • Move sub-distribution cabinet to increase production space.
  • Where can we save and/or recover energy?

Top picture is the new line