Graphic Packaging International

Graphic Packaging International has a branch in Sneek where rolls of blank cardboard are used to make packaging for beer and soft drinks. The cardboard on the roll is first punched into a shape and finally an interior is glued in and folded into the correct shape.

Graphic Packaging had plans for growth with Sneek and it was decided to build a new factory next to it with a new flexo printing press, new die cutting machines, palletizers and wrap and strap lines.

This project was initially taken up internally and partly realized in a number of years, but Cervitech was called in to make the project good and profitable.

Cervitech / Andries Kramer has achieved a number of things:

  1. Complete the current project and adjust where necessary.
  2. Addressing the suppliers of the machines and helping to get the machines within the Machinery Directive. (CE). Non EU suppliers not enough experience with CE.
  3. The start-up and acceleration of the new factory.
  4. Designing the Technical Service so that it meets the needs of the new factory.
  5. Due to the increasing demand for products, the design of the TecGraphic Packaging in Sneek changed from a 3 to a 5-shift service, arranging the breakdown service with external parties was part of the assignment Technical Service so that it meets the needs of the new factory.

This role therefore also included project management, leading the Technical Service and Processing. At a later stage, leading the Safety Department was also added.