FTTH Allinq Noord Nederland

Cerviselect Project Leader Jan Boes works in the FTTH department to provide support and eventually replace a colleague in connecting homes for the fiber optic network of KPN Netwerk and also Glaspoort nowadays.

Allinq-FTTH is active in the northern part of the Netherlands, specifically from the major rivers onwards. They are involved in the process of fiberization (laying fiber optic networks) in villages and cities. Allinq-FTTH serves as the executing partner of KPN and also collaborates with Glaspoort nowadays. Glaspoort is a joint venture between KPN and pension fund ABP. Jan plays a coordinating role on behalf of Allinq, where he works with various subcontractors for whom he is responsible.

In total, there are 6 teams from Allinq operating in various parts of the country. Jan works in 2 different teams, one in Zwolle/Zeist and the other in Assen/Emmen.

Jan is working as a project leader in Assen/Emmen at LAS/HAS low-level construction and also works in Zeist/Zwolle as a Projectleader high-rise construction

As FTTH Project Leader, Jan is responsible for the daily supervision and management of the execution of the contractors' activities. There are approximately 10-20 employees working on the different projects through subcontractors on a daily basis.

Jan is the point of contact for everything related to Home Access Services (HAS). He creates detailed plans for the execution activities, ensuring that contractors commit to the required capacity for implementation. On a daily basis, Jan monitors the production in the workflow management system and coordinates project-specific matters with the supervising directors. He ensures that contractors are informed about all relevant project information and holds weekly meetings with subcontractors to discuss progress and make necessary adjustments for improvements. Jan also serves as the contact person for the internal administrative organization, addressing their inquiries and providing support.

The tasks as a project manager for Allinq are very diverse.

A project leader at Allinq takes care of, among other things:

  • "Hold discussions with housing corporations and/or homeowners' associations (VVE) where necessary.
  • Request and assessment of offers
  • Management of contractors
  • Aansturing las en HAS  monteurs
  • Project supervision for high-rise buildings.
  • Shed of works
  • Monitoring
  • Responsible for the KPI to KPN
  • Control of financial costs incurred by the subcontractor.
  • Handling financial costs from subcontractor to administration.