Cogas Media

Cerviselect Project manager Gert-jan Bergman works at Cogas Media, formerly Cogas Kabel Infra (CKI), in the Projects department to support and ultimately replace a colleague for the outlying area of Cogas.

Cogas Media is active in the municipalities of Almelo, Borne, Hengelo (Ov.), Hardenberg, Twenterand, Wierden, Hellendoorn, Hof van Twente, Dinkelland, Oldenzaal and Laren in the municipality of Lochem.

The Cogas Media team consists of 2 departments, namely the Projects department and the Management and Maintenance department. The Projects department initiates and coordinates the realization of new fiber optic connections, new construction projects, reconstructions and, to a small extent, coax connections from the customer's request to delivery.

The Management and Maintenance department provides service, maintenance and maintains the coax and fiber optic network. These two departments work closely together on connections, new construction projects and reconstructions, the Management and Maintenance department approves the completed connections and projects.

At the end of 2020, DELTA Fiber Network acquired its interest in the fiber optic company Cogas Kabel Infra (CKI). DELTA Fiber Network is now the full owner of CKI, which provides fast internet to approximately 110,000 addresses in the region.

From 2021, Cogas Media will provide project coordination for Delta Fiber Network. Partly because the media connections in the Cogas area are already in a management and maintenance phase.

The projects department mediates and coordinates between governments, clients, stakeholders, combi parties (GROND'G), etc.

The tasks as a project manager in the outlying area are very diverse.

A project leader at Cogas Media takes care of, among other things:

  • Pre-engineering
  • Work preparation
  • Request and assessment of offers
  • Management of contractors
  • Inventory CROW 400 (working in or with contaminated soil) and CROW 500 (preventing damage to cables and pipelines)
  • Project management for new construction and reconstructions
  • Settling “old files” (particularly in the outlying area)
  • Shed of works
  • Monitoring
  • Review revisions and, if complete, forward them to the revision processor.
  • Large share of financial responsibility

    Gert-Jan is currently the only project leader in the outlying area, but is sometimes assisted by colleagues from his department and receives support from several colleagues within Cerviselect.

    Bergman sees that the demand for fiber optic connections in the outlying area is increasing.

    The increase is mainly due to the fact that more and more is being built in the countryside. Like with Rood voor Rood – schemes, new construction and recreation parks.

    Due to the large increase in the number of connections and the average increasing data usage and desired speed of the user, this also means something for the capacity in the network.

    Gert-Jan explains that the network is filling up in certain parts, but you still want to be able to provide everyone with a connection. In such a case, Gert-Jan makes a proposal to expand the network and discusses this with his colleagues from Management & Maintenance in order to serve the customer as flawlessly as possible.

    Almost all connections in the outlying area are specials.

    A quotation is applicable for each connection, because no connection is the same.

    This is partly due to the distances that have to be traveled in the countryside.