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Jan Boes

Jan is helping to 'glaze up' villages and towns. As project manager, he is responsible for connecting low-rise and high-rise buildings to the fiber optic network. He regularly faces a challenge. Behind every solution, there is a new problem. But with his solution-oriented view, he always looks at how that problem can be solved. 

A few times a week, Jan drives no less than an hour and 45 minutes to the office. He does this with love, because he loves the good contact with his colleagues. Among those same colleagues he is better known as the Excel guru. He himself says that he has found a best friend in Google. A great helper in solving problems.

In their 1912 farmhouse, which they bought a few years ago, he is often busy in his spare time. He regularly works until late at night. There is a lot of activity around the house at all. His wife has a dog school at home. A true play paradise for their own three dogs. 

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