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  • Technical Project Management

    Cervitech Bv is capable to manage your investment or project from business case until production. Cervitech BV is hired by executive level and will manage you projectteam in the following stages:1- Business Case2- Specifications3- Supplier selection4- Scheduling5- Monitoring supplier6- Internal project to prepare facilities7- Acceptance at supplier8- Installation9- Acceptance10- Start up production.11- Training

    Cervitech BV can create an own project team , but also your own project team can be managed by Cervitech BV.

  • Operation Management

    Align people, processes and systems. Design and implement operational concepts for both production and supply chain. Building an organization well equipped for optimal market approach.

    Hands-on, no-nonsense people managers.

  • Production Management

    Our production managers are specialists in building an efficient production department.

  • Crisis Management

    When your project is out off control, chaos and hassels are part of the daily operation.Cervitech seizes quickly through the use of experienced, energetic and results-oriented crisis managers.