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  • Companies are confronted with new challanges. The further development in new technology provides continuous pressure on knowledge of your people who work with technology.

    Cervitech delivers result-oriented coaching programmes for monitoring project and production processes. Cervitech is able to customized projects, wordwide, to set up.

  • Project Management

    Cervitech has worldwide, experienced projectmanager specialists. Cervitech coaches projectmanagers from the first initiative to the required showing. Hands on. No Nonsense. Training on the Job.

  • Production Management

    The coaching specialists of Cervitech have the right "tools"for monitoring production processes.

    Cervitech coaching focuses on detecting deviations at production management, adjusting and learning in the workplace. Cervitech coaches makes manageable realistic.

    Cervitech governed the box to best practices and management measures to make working well in a technical environment.